Top ten tik tok stars

Top 10 tik tok stars in India 2019

Manjul Khattar

  • With a follower base of whopping 8.2 Million, he is certainly the most loved muser. Known as the ‘male crush of India’, he is followed for his amazing comic timing. His video with Monali Thakur crossed 21 million views on YouTube.

Jannat Zubair 

  • A young television and movie actress, currently part of ‘Aap ke Aajane se’. She has a follower count of 8 million, is known for her bubbly music videos.

Avneet Kaur

  • The 17-year-old actress is in limelight for her dance videos with 7.7 million followers. Currently, she is the lead actress in the serial Alladin.

Aashika Bhatia

  • She is among the top-earning muser with 6.7 million followers. Known for her amazing dance and acting videos. She has been a part of a number of daily soaps and movies.

Awez Darbar

  • A choreographer by profession and is known for creative dance moves, he earned the talent badge on the app. He has 5.8 million followers on the app.

Nagma Mirajkar

  • With 5.6 million followers, she is known as the style guru and is famous for her dance videos.

Mrunal Panchal

  • Known as the ‘Expression Queen’, she has 3.6 million followers and is known for her duets with musers.

Ahsaas Channa

  • She has a follower base of 3.4 million and famous for her videos with bold and strong content.

Disha Madan

  • She flaunts a following of 3 million and is known for her extraordinary dancing skills.

Mr MNV (Manav Chabra)

  • With a follower base of 2.9 million, Mr MNV has gain fame solely because of his musing skills. He is also recognized as the ‘the real king of Musically’ 

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