The Indian Army Guns.

 Assault Rifles Used By Indian Armed Forces

A weapon plays a crucial role in a soldier’s life. Weapons have changed their face from the era of ancient history to the current modernised and remotely operated weapons.And a powerful weapon adds more muscles to a soldier. Indian Armed Forces are using many weapons, from big and long range to small and short range for a face to face fight.

1.    INSAS

Accurate lightweight rifle, compact and handy, suitable for terrestrial and maritime assignments.
Gas-operated rifle can fire in single shot and three round burst (TRB) for conservation of ammunition. A simple action of lever change allows selection of single shot, TRB and safe position.
Additional mechanical safety is provided by means of safety sear and built-in delay in breech mechanism.
Easy to assemble and dismantle, chrome-plated barrel and chrome-plated pin firing ensures maintenance free long life.
Compatible with NATO standard ammunition 5.56 x 45 mm SS 109, M 193.
Quick mounting of Passive Night Sight/ Daylight Telescope.
Stock, Pistol Grip and Hand Guard made of impact resistant plastic in leaf brown colour.

2.  Multi calibre individual weapon system (MCIWS)

The NATO and many other countries such as India went the “full-power” road with adoption of the 7.62 x 51 NATO round, developed in USA. Despite all stubborn efforts of the US Army to prove that its choice of new round was the right one, practice of the time proved that it was not the case. Full-automatic fire from newly designed 7.62 mm NATO rifles was ineffective to say the least and many countries like India (7.62 mm SLR) adopted the new rifles as semi-automatics. And in semi-automatic fire.

3.  AKM 

This Assault rifle is used in Indian Armed Forces, which has a basic design as that of AK-47 rifles. AKM is a modernized form of famous AK-47. It has a firing rate of 600 rounds per minute and comes with semi-automatic and fully automatic modes. Named as AvtomatKalashnikova, AK series is automatic rifles that were found a hit among soldiers after its invention.

4.  AK103

India and Russia are close to concluding an Inter-Governmental Agreement (IGA) for a multi-billion deal to locally bulk manufacture AK-103 assault rifles in the next few months, Victor N. Kladov, Director International Cooperation and Regional Policy of Rostec State Corporation told The Hindu at the ongoing Aero India.

5.  T91 assault rifle

 Even though it looks like a US M16, the Taiwanese T91 is not exactly the same weapon. Development was completed in 2002 and the T91 was adopted by the Taiwanese armed forces in 2003. By 2008 it replaced all service rifles, including the older T65 series, in all branches of the Taiwanese military. This assault rifle has been exported to at least 6 other nations, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. The T91 proved to be successful. Some sources report that over 300 000 of these assault rifles were produced.

6. M4 Carbine

This US made rifle is in the list of rifles used by Special Forces of Indian Armed Forces. This rifle is a developed version of the M16A2 rifle having short length and light weight. And is used by US forces as a replacement of M16. It also supports mounting of the M203 grenade launcher. It is also appreciated for its capability to support many accessories.

7. IMI Tavor TAR-21

he Tavor TAR-21 assault rifle was developed by Israel Military Industries (IMI) in the early 1990s. The TAR-21 stands for Tavor Assault Rifle for 21st century. It was first publicly revealed in 1998. This weapon had been tested by the Israel Defense Forces during 1999 – 2002. It was adopted to service in 2006 and replaced the M16A1, CAR-15 and Galil assault rifles. The TAR-21 has become a standard issue infantry rifle. It has been exported to more than 20 countries, including Columbia, Georgia, Guatemala, India, Portugal and Thailand. It is license-produced in Brazil, India and Ukraine.

8. APS amphibian rifle

 The APS amphibian/underwater rifle is used by MARCOS by Indian navy. This underwater assault rifle originated in the Soviet Union and has firing speed of 600 rounds per minute. The effective firing range of this rifle decreases with an increase in depth. It has different shaped bullets and has good range and accuracy as compared to ordinary bullets.

9. SG 551 

The SG-551 carbine is a 5.56x45mm NATO Swiss assault rifle manufactured by Swiss Arms AG (formerly Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft, “Swiss Industrial Group” in English) of Neuhausen, Switzerland (SG is an abbreviation for Sturmgewehr, or “assault rifle”). The rifle is based on the earlier 5.56mm SG 540 and is also known as the Fass 90 (Fusil d’assaut 90 / Fucile d’assalto 90) in French / Italian or Stgw 90 in German (Sturmgewehr 90).

10. FN F2000

This is an Assault rifle by Belgium and used by a Special Protection Group of India. The rifle can fire at a swift speed of 850 rounds per minute. The gun is fully automatic with NATO box magazines and is currently used by many countries.

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