Super Charging Pro

The charging function of the mobile phone is automatically optimized in the following ways. reduce the screen brightness, and reduce power consumption to save battery power. Notify users to deal with abnormal power consumption increases in a short time. Optimize WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and other system settings to reduce mobile phone consumption. Real-time monitoring of mobile phone temperature reminds users to unplug the charger to prevent overheating. Accurately predict the remaining charging time and reset fully charged.

Super Charging Pro

Battery Turbo Charger is the perfect app if you want to reduce the waiting time for Battery Charging cause optimizes settings like brightness, Bluetooth, and sync functions among other things automatically to get your battery charged.

Allows three charging modes that optimize your phone settings for a better battery charge, which are responsible for managing settings and recent applications and processes that are not necessary when you charge your battery. Battery Charger Optimizer helps to optimize your phone battery in the most powerful way. This app will close all applications and background apps that consume your phone battery.

Battery Charger Optimizer also provides tools for cleaning out the system and ad junk, as well as clearing the phone’s cache. Boost RAM and disable apps that are running in the background or consuming your battery so your phone can run smoothly with less battery consumption.

Extreme Mode Optimize battery charge manage recent apps, and settings like brightness screen, BlueTooth, sync functions, and other things automatically, you don’t need to do anything more.

Fast Mode: Optimize battery charge managing recent applications listed by Android. Battery Charger Optimizer helps you have more peace of mind since the application’s charging assistance feature will assess the input power and provide ratings. You can determine whether the voltage and current are stable or not, charge quickly or slowly, and how long will your battery last. Slow mode will optimize the charge managing phone settings automatically. (like Bluetooth, brightness, and sync among other functions)

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Super Charger & Battery Saver is a battery charging app to save battery, clean junk files, phone booster, and phone cooler. It is an effective battery-saving app that analyses your battery charging data, show battery percentage status, and the charge history, and allows you to optimize your battery duration/life

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