Narendra Modi Listed As The Most Stupid Prime Minister By Google

Why Google ‘thinks’ Narendra Modi is among the ‘World’s Most Stupid Prime Ministers’

A first information report (FIR) has been registered against Google in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh for an alleged search result in which Narendra Modi was shown as the world’s most stupid prime minister.

Police filed a case under the Information Technology Act against the Internet giant and its director in Shahjahanpur on the complaint of a leader of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, or World Hindu Council.

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Police superintendent Kamal Kishore told Anadolu Agency that “RK Awasthi made a complaint against Google and its director and, after investigation it was found true so we registered a case”.

In 2015, Google was forced to apologize after images of Modi appeared in an image search of the “Top 10 criminals in India”.

“Google has insulted our prime minister,” Awasth told Anadolu Agency. “A person who has been devoting 18 hours every day for the sake of our country can never be a stupid prime minister. I, along with other members, decided to lodge a complaint against derogatory search results”.

Google in India did not respond to Anadolu Agency’s request for comment.

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New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who recently visited Google headquarters and interacted with CEO Sundar Pichai during his US visit, is still shown as one among the “World’s Most Stupid Prime Ministers” in Google Images.

The search ‘India’s most stupid Prime Minister’ on Google, also shows PM Narendra Modi in results, who became PM with a huge majority and is considered as India’s most powerful leader since Indira Gandhi.

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What is this Google?? you are saying that World’s most intelligent politician is stupid ??

Remember he is Prime minister of 1/6th population of this world. Do you know that?? By this most ridiculous search result you are hurting feeling of more than 1,327,153,209 (1.32 billion) people.

I would like to request you to immediately remove this stupidity from your website and search engine.

This type of behaviour of any website is not at all acceptable at any cost.

Please check your buggy algorithm and correct it which show this type of fake result. You guys should think about it twice before showing such type of search result on your website.

You know very well nature and tolerance power of Indians, Why you want changes in Indian Government policies like China did with lots of enforced filtering on your website??

Please act and correct yourself for this and for future results also.

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