Matru vatsaly card scheme for all India

Matru vatsaly card scheme for all India citizens: Chief Minister Smt. Anandibahan Patel has saved the life of the Chief Minister Relief Fund by providing Rs. 8 crores for the treatment of kidney, cancer, heart and liver diseases. Ever since Mrs. Anandibhene took over as the first woman Chief Minister of the state in May.

Purpose of the scheme:
Families and conservative families living below the personal income will get sensible quality treatment from their chosen personal and government-affiliated hospitals for gratis.

Eligibility Standards:
The beneficiary family is needed to be enclosed within the BPL list of rural housing construction and rural development department also as urban housing designation and concrete development department.Benefits/assistance of the theme

Under the theme, cashless treatment is provided up to Rs. one hundred thousand per family annually for a complete of three procedures for serious diseases like heart, uropathy, infectious diseases, serious injuries, bunions and brain diseases.The beneficiary with the mother

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