Man who saved two girls in deadly Surat coaching centre fire. Internet calls him a hero

A man from Surat is winning hearts over the internet for managing to save at least 2 girls from falling from the building in Surat coaching fire that killed 20 people.

20 people were killed and several others were injured yesterday in a fire at a coaching centre in Surat, Gujarat.

The coaching centre was located on the third and fourth floors of the Takshashila Complex, and several students were forced to jump off the burning building.

However, during the tragic incident one brave man won many hearts across social media for his selfless act. Ketan Jorawadia is going viral online for trying to help students get out of the building safely, after he had managed to stand on the ledge of the building.

HERO of Surat fire incident KETAN JORAWADIA who climbed upto 2nd floor in burning Takshshila complex and saved 2 students from falling off the complex in fire at Sarthana ;

Brave KETAN did not bother about his life SALUTE TO KETAN and Standing ovation to Ketan for his bravery and presence of mind.

He climbed on to the ledge of the building, and helped students get out safely. One of the main dangers of a building fire is suffocation, so Ketan helped some of the students escape out the windows.

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