Investment Tips 2023: SIP Mutual Fund Best Investment Plan

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Investment Tips 2023: If you want to but can’t save between family expenses, we will tell you how you can build a big fund with small investments.

Investment Tips 2023: Best Investment Plan SIP Mutual Fund

Best Investment Plan: Amid growing needs and changing lifestyles, people are constantly focusing on safe investments. It is said that there is no limit to investment. If you have not started investment (Investment in 2022) then you should start planning today. Only a few days are left before the start of the new year. You will start planning for investment now and give your family a beautiful gift by investing in the new year.
Investment Tips 2023
You have to save 1000 rupees every month
If you can’t save even if you want to in the midst of family expenses, then let us tell you how you can prepare a large fund with a small investment (Large Fund With Small Investment). You can start by saving 1000 rupees per month. Saving 1000 rupees per month is not a difficult task if you want.
The journey from starting SIP to becoming a millionaire
Starting with a SIP of 1000 rupees in the new year 2023, the journey to becoming a millionaire can be easily accomplished. Let’s know how this will happen? For that, you have to invest 1000 rupees every month in a mutual fund. Mutual funds have given returns of up to 20 percent or more in the last few years.
If you get a 15 percent annual return
We asked you to deposit Rs 1000 per month from the beginning. If you invest this amount for 20 years, during this period a total of 2.4 lakh rupees is accumulated. If you get a 15 percent annual return during 20 years, you will get a return of around 15 lakh 16 thousand rupees on maturity. If you get an annual return of 20 percent on this account, then the total fund will be 31.61 lakhs.
If you invest for 30 years, you will get the benefit

If you invest 1000 rupees every month for 25 years and you get a 20 percent annual return, you will get a fund of 86.27 lakh rupees at maturity. Now if you increase this period to 30 years, then with a return of 20 percent, you will have a fund of 2 crores 33 lakh 60 thousand.
However, mutual fund investors get the benefit of compounding. Also, you can invest a small amount every month in it. So you hope to get a big fund on a small investment.
(Disclaimer: Investment in mutual funds is subject to risk. Expert advice is required before any investment.)

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