How to see WiFi password If its connected.

We all are always looking for WiFi password form others router and and others WiFi.

Here i am going to sow you some basic or true tricks for WiFi password for that only one thing is necessary is your phone or PC should be connect with the WiFi which you want to see password.

There are two ways

1. By router id

2. By PC use

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Way number 1.

Step no 1.

Go to the WiFi settings which is already connected.

Now you can see there Router Id.

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Step no 2.

  • Note that router id and go too any browser.
  • Than type that Id in search bar and you will get this kind of page.
Step no 3.
Than you have to type username and password in 90% of that is’s same and is,
Username= “admin”
password=  “admin”
If its work than follow
Step no 4.
Go to  menu in that go to “Wireless”
Step no 5.
Go to wireless than go to wireless setting.

You can see there Password .

It’s only work when you are connect with that WiFi and other thing is Username or password match with given Username or password.

Way number 2.


This is very easy way in that you have to follow these steps only

Step no 1.

Go to wifi which is connected in your PC

Step no 2.

Give there right click

Step no 3.

Go to the properties

You can see there is two rows

1 is username 
2 is password 

In under it there will be a option is show password select that

Now you are able too password.

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