How To Be A Good Kisser

How we do know we’re a good kisser? I mean, we all assume we are, as nobody’s actively broken away from our tender embrace, wiped their mouth and told us, “Do you want some of this saliva back?” But how can we be sure? Usually, the person being kissed badly will suffer in silence, for fear of hurting your feelings.

1. How to start a kiss

When you’re going to kiss someone, lean in slowly. Instead of immediately jamming your tongue down your partner’s throat, start with a kiss on the lips. If they pull back or freeze, stop. And if you’re not sure if they’d like you to kiss them, you can always ask.

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2. Timing

Does the person want to be kissed? Are you in a “moment”? Or are you just drunk and have nothing more to say?

A kiss that is anticipated or at least seems right in context will always be better received than planting a snog on your other half at the supermarket checkout or in a last-ditch attempt to make someone fancy you.

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3. Good kissers understand the importance of setting.

Like your English teacher says: setting = time + place. Is the right spot for a first kiss at your grandma’s house, or in the middle of an argument, or when you have the flu? Probably not. But what about on camera?

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4. How to be good at neck kisses

Once your make-out session is in full swing, add in some neck kisses. Kiss your partner’s neck softly for a few seconds — unless you’d like to leave a hickey, that is. (Hickeys can be fun, but check with your partner to see if they’d like one, first.)

Along with neck kisses, some people love ear kisses. Try lightly kissing your partner’s earlobe — if they’re into it, they’ll let you know. You can also try using your teeth. Some people love a light bite on their neck, ear, or lower lip.

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6. Tongue

OK, so, much as it is with penetrative sex, whacking it in is not enough; we need movement. Say no to the dead tongue. Do not be the guy who stands there with his tongue protruding like he just licked a frozen window.

Enthusiasm not only improves the kiss, it’s… sexy. It shows you want them, want this. Change things up and work it fast, then slow, from deep to shallow. No need to set your satnav straight for the tonsils – you want them to survive the experience. You can tell if you’re doing it right because usually, if they’re enjoying themselves, they’ll reciprocate and start to mirror your technique.

7. Good kissers move ~like you’re my miiiirrror

1. I’m not mad at envisioning J.Timbs when kissing anyone, and

2. Bomb-dot-com kisses are a mirror dance — meaning, mimic: Slow down, take note of the things bae does, and gently do it back. Bust out moves you’d want them to do to you. Remember that the show’s not all about you: You’re both in control of this dance.

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8. Know how the kiss will end.

One of the most important traits of a good kisser is knowing what you want before you ever get to the kiss. “If you want a kiss to just be a kiss, leave it at the door,” says Frances. “Don’t invite them inside.”

Sure, it sounds totally retro, but let’s be honest here: How many times have you turned a guy away on the first night when he’s got his hands halfway down your pants? Probably not many, so while Frances advice may seem dated, trust that it works. “Stop before you have a deeper kind of intimacy than you’re ready for,” which means if its your first night out with the guy you met off,

it’s okay to turn him away after a lip lock on the front steps of your apartment (just hope the neighbors aren’t watching.)

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