Homework App – Class companion Dewali Vacation Homework

Homework App: India’s best homework app for online & offline teaching CBSE NCERT Maths, Science, English & SST is here, with Lifetime FREE access for teachers. questions from all NCERT & best reference textbooks like RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, Oswaal, S Chand, and Xam Idea are pre-populated (pre-typed) in the homework app. For homework – select the chapter you are currently teaching, select the topic, tick the questions and share the link of the homework – your homework will be created and assigned within just 2 minutes. For the worksheet (revision) & quiz – select the chapters from which you want to give questions & select the distribution of 1,2,3,4,5 mark questions & your worksheet/quiz is automatically generated in 2 minutes.

Homework App – Class companion Dewali Vacation Homework

Homework App

Enter your phone number, name, school, and board details. Create a class in 30 seconds by giving details like class strength, and subject. Once the class is created – select from a long list of books like NCERT, Exemplar, RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal, previous 10 years of question papers, and practice questions published on Diksha by CBSE and simply select the chapter & topic and select the questions you want to give for homework. The homework app will generate a unique link for your homework which you can share it with the class students.
Get notified as soon as your students start attempting the homework and immediately see which questions and topics the students did well in as well as did not do well in. If any student has not tried the homework, you can also send reminders to them to complete the homework. Receive statistics about how many students have started, and completed the homework along with scores and grades. The homework app is carefully designed for all the teachers out there who are teaching online, to make their life easier by digitizing the CBSE NCERT, RD Sharma, RS Agarwal, Oswaal, S Chand, Xam Idea, All in one, Wren n Martin & all the other best reference textbook questions for Maths, Science, English, and SST.

The best part about the homework app is – you don’t have to manually correct the homework for each student. Homework for each student is auto-corrected as soon as they submit it and you are provided with insights.

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