Good News! You can use WhatsApp on Two Devices

WhatsApp on Two Devices: WhatsApp periodically enhances the user experience by introducing new features. Many features have been added this year as well. Now a new feature is being added on WhatsApp, the status of which is running. This new feature will allow users to link their account to a secondary device like an Android tablet. Currently, this feature is only available for WhatsApp beta testers. Let’s know about it.

Good News! You can use WhatsApp on Two devices


What is the process?
According to a report by Android Authority, the new feature requires users to link their WhatsApp account with the platform’s Android tablet app through their smartphone. Strictly speaking, there is no need for a separate WhatsApp account on the secondary Android device. When a user updates WhatsApp on their tablet, they will be prompted to scan a QR code on the tablet app with their phone app.
Message Yourself’ feature
The report says that when the liking process is complete, WhatsApp will transfer the chat to the tablet app and then you can continue chatting from there. Let us tell you that WhatsApp has announced the launch of the ‘Message Yourself’ feature very soon. If the news is to be believed, it will be made life in a few weeks.
WhatsApp on two devices

A WhatsApp statement said that this is a 1:1 chat with itself to send notes, reminders, and updates. On WhatsApp, users can send themselves notes, reminders, shopping lists, and other items to restrict their to-do lists.

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