Facilities Are Absolutely Free at Petrol Pump

A lot of facilities are made available to you at the petrol pump. Like the toilet, drinking water, first aid kit, tire inflation, phone facility and in many places now a canteen or mini store is also found but do you know that there are many facilities in all these which are free and if that facility is lacking So you can go to the petrol pump and ask for this facility. And if these facilities refuse to provide any petrol pump, you can also complain about the lack of facility. That is, it is mandatory to provide these facilities, so let us know which facilities the petrol pump cannot tell us not to provide.

Facilities Are Absolutely Free at the Petrol Pump

  1. Free air
    An air filling machine is installed on all petrol pumps. This machine is a part of our facility. The device installed at the petrol pump is reserved for the customers there, that is, you can fill your vehicle with air for free and for this you do not have to pay any charge. A man is also hired from the petrol pump to fill the air
  2. Drinking water
    The drinking water system is also kept above the petrol pump. Any customer can come there and demand water and for this, the petrol pump cannot charge any charge. This is why RO is installed on the petrol pump. Freezer facility is also found on many petrol pumps. This is also an accessible facility for which the petrol pump does not charge you.
  3. Restroom
    It is mandatory to have a toilet facility at the petrol pump. And there is no charge for the. The pump owner also has to ensure that the toilet is clean and functional. And if this is not done, any customer can complain about it. And for this, the pump owner also has to answer.
  4. Phone
    If you need to call anywhere in an emergency, you can use the phone facility from the petrol pump and you don’t have to pay any extra charge for the call. That is, when a petrol pump is turned on, a number has to be turned on along with it so that the customer who comes there can call any place in an emergency.
  5. First aid facility
    It is also necessary to keep a first aid kit at the petrol pump. It is necessary to have medicine and some supplies for common servers. It can be used by anyone who needs treatment in any emergency situation.

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You have the right to check the quality of petrol or diesel at the petrol pump. You can find the necessary test equipment at the petrol pump to test whether the petrol or diesel you get is of the right quality or not. This

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