Cyclone Vayu in Gujarat LIVE updates

Cyclone Vayu in Gujarat Live Updates

In order to minimise the damage to airport infrastructure and to avoid inconvenience to passengers due to Cyclone Vayu, the Airports Authority of India (AAI) has announced that flight operations will remain suspended at five airports in Gujarat for 24 hours from midnight Wednesday. 

As a precautionary measure in the cyclone prone areas, the Railways has cancelled 70 mainline trains and will short terminate 28 other mainline trains.

Operations at ports and airports in these regions have been suspended as precautionary measure, officials said. Railways has cancelled 40 trains, and short-terminated 28 others.

Over 3.1 lakh people were on Wednesday evacuated from low-lying areas in Gujarat and Diu ahead of the scheduled landfall of Cyclone Vayu. Indian Coast Guard, Navy, Army and Air Force units have also been put on standby. Aircraft and helicopters are carrying out aerial surveillance.

Gujarat Minister Bhupendrasinh Chudasama to ANI on Somnath Temple remaining open despite Cyclone Vayu alert: Ye kudrati aafat hai, kudrat hi rok sakti hai, to kudrat ko hum kya rokein (this is a natural disaster, only nature can stop it, who are we to stop nature).

The Airports Authority of India said flight operations at airports in Porbandar, Diu, Bhavnagar, Keshod, Kandla will be suspended for 24 hours from midnight in view of Cyclone Vayu.

The extent of cyclone Vayu is over 900km. So, while the eye of cyclone may or may not hit Porbandar, the system will still hit. 

Strong winds, heavy rains likely. Hence, please don’t relax in preparedness.

While the state government Gujarat Chief Minister said all fishermen and their boats have already returned to the shore after getting the warning, ports have been asked to hoist storm warning signal number 8 and 9 to convey “great danger”.

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